Zelda Tatiana Ng | 颜橦

Zelda Tatiana Ng is one of the 14 Citizen Reviewers selected from the 2016 Open Call application.

Zelda graduated from the Theatre Training & Research Programme (currently known as Intercultural Theatre Institute) in Singapore in 2003. Prior to that, she had been working as a Theatre Practitioner for over 15 years, and with most of the local theatre companies, including The Necessary Stage, Drama Box, The Theatre Practice, Singapore Repertory Theatre. In 2009, after spending 5 fulfilling years overseas, Zelda decided to return to Singapore to further develop herself as an Arts Practitioner.

She is currently exploring more areas and genres in Arts, not restricting herself to theatre, as she believes that all arts forms can ‘inter-cross’ (or ‘inter-feed’) and support one another, challenging our creativity and imagination. She is interested in cross-genre/cultural/discipline works in all aspects of the Arts.

She manages an open page on Facebook called “OZ Kaleidoscope”, which features the creative processes and methodologies of theatre/arts practitioners and their works. She also maintains a blog “OZ Unlimited”, where she will post writings regarding anything in Arts & Life.