Video – The Vault: Leng-Geh-Mng

The Vault: Leng-Geh-Mng  龍牙門 was presented in the company of an audience on 16 July 2016.

Leng-Geh-Mng (“Dragon’s Tooth Gate”) is a comedy which spoofs the conventions of pugilistic films set in ancient China. This play was written by playwrights Lee Shyh Jih and Lim Poh Poh and was first staged in 1998.

Under the direction of theatre practitioner Zelda Tatiana Ng, the reading of Leng-Geh-Mng was presented in the format of a radio play. Performing the reading were some of the original cast members from the 1998 production. Following the reading, Zelda had a dialogue with Lee Shyh Jih, one of the playwrights of Leng-Geh-Mng, as well as introduced some materials from the original staging.

Here is video recording of the 90-minute Performance-Presentation in 2 parts:

Part 1: Directed and narrated by Zelda Tatiana Ng, the reading of “Leng-Geh-Mng” was performed by a cast of nine actors, some of whom were in the original 1998 production.

Part 2: Following the reading, Zelda sat down with one of the “Leng-Geh-Mng” playwrights, Lee Shyh Jih, to chat about how the play created back in 1998. Zelda then shared some materials from the original production and led a discussion on language.


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The Vault: Leng-Geh-Mng is a revisit of the first martial arts production in Singapore theatre of the same title by theatre-maker Zelda Tatiana Ng. Under her direction and alongside some of the original cast members, Leng-Geh-Mng is retold in the format of a radio play refreshed with the use of Chinese dialects. Find out more here.