Video: The Vault: #3.3 scale 1:333 333.333…

The Vault: #3.3 scale 1:333333.333… was presented from 30 September – 3 October 2015.

Spatial designer Lim Wei Ling presents a bold “living” installation highlighting the ephemeral nature of relationships and the interchangeable, interdependent forces of life that exist in this larger world. Solid and gaseous CO2 is used as a key medium to embody the transitional becoming of a state in her exploration of an organic spatial construct.

For four hours each day, visitors enter this installation contributing to the changing environment through the presence of their energies in the space.

This documentation video contains highlights from the installation.



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The Vault: #3 three revisits Invisibility, refreshes and retells the stories in them through the eyes of theatre design collective INDEX. #3.3 scale 1:333333.333… by spatial designer Lim Wei Ling is the final of three installations.

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