Video: The Vault: #3.2 For The Time Being

The Vault: #3.2 For The Time Being was presented from 22 – 25 July 2015.

Sound artist Darren Ng presents a thought-provoking aural experience of melting ice. In an installation piece augmenting the sound of ice as it transitions between states, the work highlights the restlessness of the ephemeral and liminal state of “now” and the meaninglessness and futility of living in the present.

For four hours each day, visitors enter this installation of transition and immerse in the soundscape it creates.

This documentation video contains highlights from the installation set against a soundtrack created by Darren.

This extended version contains more footage from the installation and the unadulterated sounds of ice melting.



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The Vault: #3 three revisits Invisibility, refreshes and retells the stories in them through the eyes of theatre design collective INDEX. #3.2 For The Time Being by sound artist Darren Ng is the second of three installations.

Access the full suite of materials about #3.2 For The Time Being here.