Video: The Vault: #3.1 In/Visibility

The Vault: #3.1 In/Visibility was presented from 21 – 23 May 2015.

Lighting designer Lim Woan Wen presents her interpretation of Quah Sy Ren’s play Invisibility using only light. Stripped of actors and spoken words, Woan Wen seeks to express the play in relation to the space of the Centre 42 Black Box based on the structure, circumstances, characters, emotions and themes of the script.

Woan Wen created the immersive experience live onsite for all of the 9 sessions. Each session accommodating up to 10 audience.

This is a full-length documentation video aimed at capturing the entirety of the 30-minute performance as best as possible.The recording was done without the presence of any participating audience. For the best viewing experience, please watch this video in a quiet, darkened space with headphones on.



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The Vault: #3 three revisits Invisibility, refreshes and retells the stories in them through the eyes of theatre design collective INDEX. #3.1 In/Visibility by lighting designer Lim Woan Wen is the first of three installations.

Access the full suite of materials about #3.1 In/Visibility here.