The Vault: My Grandfather’s Road 我阿公的路

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My Grandfather’s Road was first presented in 2015 as an English-language monologue, a photo exhibition and a book. It was conceived and written by Neo Kim Seng as a way of reconnecting with childhood memories of living on Neo Pee Teck Lane, which was named after his paternal grandfather. In 2017, Kim Seng revisits the text of My Grandfather’s Road, refreshing it in the spoken language of his childhood – Cantonese. He also explores Cantonese as it is spoken on both sides of the Causeway. There will be two versions of The Vault: My Grandfather’s Road – one in Singaporean Cantonese performed by Gary Tang, and one in Malaysian Cantonese performed by Tan Cher Kian. Both versions will be presented with English surtitles.


The text for My Grandfather’s Road was written as fragments of stories and reflections of growing up until 1973 at a road named after my grandfather, Neo Pee Teck. It’s not a nostalgia trip, but a way of reconnecting with the people and events in my life, past and present. I did not set out to research the full histories and stories: selected memories can be nice, half-truths can be more exciting, the whole truth can be difficult.

My Grandfather’s Road is a storytelling session about personal stories and histories. Our little stories all help to create the social fabric that we live in and make us who we are.

Neo Kim Seng



Performed in Singaporean Cantonese
| 23 Nov, 8pm & 25 Nov, 3pm |
Performed in Malaysian Cantonese
| 24 Nov, 8pm & 25 Nov 8pm |
@ Centre 42 Black Box
Admission: Give-What-You-Can
(Cash only, at the door)



About Neo Kim Seng
Neo Kim Seng is a cross-disciplinary practitioner and has been involved in independent and large-scale projects in Singapore and overseas.

About Tan Cher Kian
A middle-aged avid theatre goer who’s finally taking the plunge performing on stage. Be gentle, it’s his first time.

About Gary Tang
Gary Tang, a Cantonese, feeds his soul by performing, on stage, for film and in life.


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The Vault: My Grandfathers Road
 我阿公的路 revisits My Grandfather’s Road (2015), refreshing it through an exploration of how Cantonese is spoken in Singapore and Malaysia. Conceived and written by Neo Kim Seng, and performed by Gary Tang and Tan Cher Kian.