The Vault: Leng-Geh-Mng 龍牙門

Leng-Geh-Mng (“Dragon’s Tooth Gate”) is a comedy which spoofs the conventions of pugilistic films set in ancient China. This play was written by playwrights Lee Shyh Jih and Lim Poh Poh and was first staged in 1998.

After nearly two decades, Zelda Tatiana Ng revisits Leng-Geh-Mng in this Vault instalment, alongside some of the original cast members. Under Zelda’s direction and treatment, Leng-Geh-Mng will be retold in the format of a radio play. The actors will read the original Mandarin text, with selected portions refreshed with translations into other Chinese dialects in an experiment with language.

Don’t miss this one-night only performance-presentation. Performed in Mandarin and other Chinese dialects, with English surtitles.






Event Details: 

Saturday, 16 July 2016
8pm @ Centre 42 Black Box

Admission is free. Register to secure a seat.

The Vault: Leng-Geh-Mng is supported by the ARTS FUND.

About 龍牙門 (“Dragon’s Tooth Gate”):

Yue-Liang-Hong is a sneaky character who sells cosmetics to the concubines in the imperial court. He was framed by the Emperor and has to escape from the Imperial Officials ordered to terminate his life. Yue-Liang-Hong ends up at an inn full of highly-skilled martial artists, each harboring vicious and selfish intentions. He then becomes the focus of everyone’s villainous desires.

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The Vault: Leng-Geh-Mng is a revisit of the first martial arts production in Singapore theatre of the same title by theatre-maker Zelda Tatiana Ng. Under her direction and alongside some of the original cast members, Leng-Geh-Mng is retold in the format of a radio play refreshed with the use of Chinese dialects.