The Vault: How Did You Meet Tina?

How Did You Meet Tina? is a performance-presentation created and directed by Chong Tze Chien that traces the legacy of the late Christina Sergeant via archival footage and images as well as recreated interviews with her collaborators, friends, family and students.

Christina Sergeant (1955-2013), more affectionately known as Tina, was an accomplished and passionate actress, director, educator and mentor.

Playwright-director Chong Tze Chien knew of Tina, the much-lauded theatre practitioner, when he was a young student. But it was only over a decade later when he would finally meet her. It was 2004 and Tina was directing his play Furthest North, Deepest South. Tze Chien remembers her as “open-minded, principled and genuine”. To date, she is one of his most favourite collaborators.

Like Tze Chien, many remember Tina as an inspiring person who warmed the hearts and stirred the minds of those she met. But she was also a stalwart in the Singapore theatre scene for over 25 years who co-founded and helmed key art organisations like Mime Unlimited, Actors Theatre Circle, STARS and SDEA, and groomed the arts practitioners of today. In her life in Singapore, Tina was a witness and active participant in the evolution of the local theatre scene.

In this instalment of The Vault, join Tze Chien as he pieces together the artefacts and stories of Tina’s life and legacy.


Event Details: 

Saturday, 5 December 2015
8pm @ Centre 42 Black Box

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About Christina Sergeant:

Christina Sergeant (1955-2013) was an actress, director and educator who was both a pioneer and builder of Singapore English-language theatre. Read about her journey in Singapore through key milestones of her practice here.

About Chong Tze Chien:

Tze Chien is one of Singapore’s most awarded and critically-lauded playwright-directors, best known for his thought-provoking, character-driven works such as Pan-Island Expressway (1999), Spoilt (2001), Furthest North, Deepest South (2004), Poop! (2010) and Charged (2010). Since 2004, Tze Chien has been the Company Director of puppetry theatre company The Finger Players.

Read about his journey, and plays here.

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The Programme Handout contains the artist’s message, the research methodology employed, and about how the artists-collaborators met Tina. Click on the image to read.

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The Vault: How Did You Meet Tina? traces the practice and legacy of the late Christina Sergeant, a stalwart in the Singapore theatre scene. Conceived and directed by playwright-director Chong Tze Chien, performed by Nora Samosir, Serene Chen and Tan Shou Chen.