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At Centre 42, we believe in advancing and expanding existing knowledge and understanding of the Singapore theatre scene. We believe that independent artists deserve access to a conducive space to create new works, and resources to document their theatre-making processes. We advocate educating and equipping audiences about the history of Singapore theatre in order to support the materialisation of new work in this ecosystem.


As a non-profit independent intermediary connecting makers, enablers and audiences, we rely on the support of individuals like YOU to advance the development of Singapore theatre-making.

As a donor to Centre 42, you can help us sustain and grow this ecosystem by:

  • Creating residency programmes that inspire artists to embark on research and documentation as part of the creation process, revisit important Singapore works, and create new works relevant to our contemporary society.
  • Creating learning platforms of various levels that can impart new skills and methodologies to the public and practitioners.
  • Building a functional repository that records theatre events and practices, that serves as a springboard for research. We strongly believe that for any new work to have lasting pertinence, it has to be created within an authenticated historical context.
  • Providing a physical space to house ideas, engage in discourse, connect people and offer creation residences.
  • Fostering new collaborations with educational institutions, theatre companies, community partners to explore new ways to reach new audiences and enrich existing ones.

Help Centre 42 contribute to the development of a vibrant theatre scene of quality works and well-documented resources. Thank you for your support!


Other ways to contribute:

  • Theatre Companies, Festivals, Content Producers: Partner or collaborate with us on various opportunities – programmes, events, venue, festivals and on any new ideas.
  • Corporate Donors: We welcome endowments towards our creation residency programmes, and building funds.
  • Volunteers & Audience: Follow our programmes and participate! Subscribe to our mailing list to receive updates from us.

Simply write to us at and we’ll be in touch to discuss!