Sharon Jing Yi | 瀞儀

Sharon Ng

Sharon Jing Yi is one of the seven Citizen Reviewers selected from the 2017 Open Call application.

Sharon Jing Yi graduated from LASALLE College of the Arts (Honours). She is a freelance arts manager, co-producer, musician and a bi-lingual actor in Singapore. Having been exposed to East-Asia languages and dialects such as like Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Hokkien, it fascinates her how writing in Chinese brings her closer to her roots and her passion in the arts. She is interested in the creative processes of artists in the world of films, theatre, musicals, and visual arts. Through various platforms, she hope she can involve the community in art discourses. Entrepreneurial-spirited, she also likes to share her latest mobile application idea she has been working on.

瀞儀毕业于拉萨尔艺术学院, 在新加坡是 一位双语演员 ,也是一位组织能力强的文艺节目策划及管理人员。多年接触东亚语言和方言(如中,日,韩语和福建)的她,使她深感如何在汉字中更接近她对艺术的热情。身为一位 从小学习音乐的她对不同类型的艺术 (如电影,戏剧和视觉艺术)与艺术家的创作过程抱着热忱和兴趣。她希望将来通过不同平台,能够更跟多观众“谈艺术”。 偶尔带点创业精神的瀞儀,也喜欢分享她最新的手机移动应用程序的概念。