The Repository

The Repository is Centre 42’s digital archive of informational, visual and audio artefacts from Singapore’s theatre history. We aim to give users an historical impression or overview of the trends and developments in the local theatre scene over the decades. This impression aims to encourage interested members of the public to delve further into our national theatre history, whether it be through exploration of The Repository or other historical archives and databases.

This is an ongoing research and documentation process. In this, its initial phase, it will not be all-encompassing, nor can it ever hope to be. The current digital archive contains artefacts that are mainly production programme booklets, with the long-term goal of expanding the collection to include other types of audio-visual artefacts. The collection of artefacts is expected to grow, in both numbers and type of materials.

The Repository provides users a quick view of the artefacts. That is, a preview image of the cover visual of the artefact, and some key facts about the production (date, playwright/director, presenter etc). To view the full high-resolution copy of the digitised artefacts, users can visit the Centre 42 Library to gain access to the full content of the artefact.

Start exploring The Repository to discover nuggets of our theatre history now.


Be a part of our history.
The Repository has been made possible with the generous help from Singapore Theatre companies and individuals. We are appealing to all Theatre companies, institutions, collectives, individual practitioners – current and defunct – to help build The Repository. If you would like to contribute a piece of Singapore Theatre (eg., original manuscript, ticket stubs, programme booklet, photographs etc.), please drop us an email at

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