Neo Hai Bin | 梁海彬

Neo Hai Bin is one of the 14 Citizen Reviewers selected from the 2016 Open Call application. He has been invited to continue on in the 2017 cycle.

Why theatre? Over the years, Neo Hai Bin experienced the theatre’s power to question, transform, create, and develop social awareness. He started off as a member of “ARTivate”, the youth wing of Drama Box. Now a freelance theatre practitioner, he has worked with Drama Box, The Theatre Practice Lab, Nine Years Theatre, The Finger Players, The Necessary Stage.

His performances include Bondage, Shh.. (Forum Theatre), Mulan (children’s theatre), Dua Dai Ji (Mockumentary Theatre), 11: Gao Xing Jian Devised (TTP Lab), Life Choices (Monologue), An Enemy of the People, Upstream, etc.

He is a founding and core member of Nine Years Theatre Ensemble Project. It is a humbling experience to be part of theatre, part of life. He keeps a blog at:


为什么做剧场?剧场教他质问自己、关心本土、思考议题;教他不停止独立思考;让他对自己的身体更敏感。梁海彬于戏剧盒的青年支部艺树人接触剧场,和本地剧团—— 戏剧盒、实践剧场、九年剧场、十指帮、必要剧场—— 合作。参与的演出包括上身不由己告别:身体16(澳门艺术节2013)、安乐底层

Why theatre?某天,有人给他当头棒喝:并非剧场需要我,而是我需要剧场。



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