Video: INTERACT – In the Living Room

INTERACT – In the Living Room《“客厅”里的小剧会》was held on 11 July 2015. This was presented by the M1 Chinese Theatre Festival 2015 in collaboration with Centre 42’s Living Room programme.

Kok Heng Leun (Artistic Director of Drama Box, Singapore), director of “Chronology on Death” Koh Choon Eiow (Co-Artistic Director of Approaching Theatre, Taiwan) and director of “The Struggle: Years Later” Liu Xiaoyi (Director of The Theatre Practice’s The Practice Lab, Singapore) explore the relationship between censorship and theatre-making in a two-hour open and casual dialogue.

The 115-minute talk was in Mandarin and has been repackaged into a 2-part video recording with English subtitles:

A time-coded chapter menu is available in the YouTube description boxes of the videos. Please click on the links below to take you to the YouTube page and use the time-coded menu to advance to specific portions of the video.

Part 1: The three directors each give their take on censorship and theatre-making based on past experiences in their personal and professional lives.

Part 2: The three directors respond to questions and comments from the audience.



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The Living Room is a programme by Centre 42 that welcomes chat and conversation. Through focused but casual dialogues and face-to-face exchanges, this programme encourages participants to re-examine trends, happenings, people (on & off-stage) and phenomena in Singapore theatre.

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