LEAVE, STAY, OR TO DIE | playcircle

Leave, Stay, or To Die is playcircle’s debut performance, exploring the relationship between a child and father. Through this, rethinking our role in the family unit. This play is also a crystallisation of its members’ learning in the arts. playcircle is a young theatre collective made up of members of the pioneer batch of ARTivate, the youth wing of Drama Box Ltd  (a platform for youths who want to explore and gain all-rounded insight into theatre).


LEAVE, STAY, OR TO DIE is developed in residence at Centre 42’s Basement Workshop.
Follow the creation process.

playcircle believes in a process-based creation and hence Leave, Stay, or To Die consists of 6 phases to give the group time and space to develop the play as deep and wide as we can. The phases are:


  1. December 2014- January 2015: Conceptualization
  2. January-March 2015: Research
  3. April-June 2015: Devising
    • Including a closed-door script-read at the end of devising period (27 June 2015)
    • The script-read aims to help the group, especially the playwright, to gather feedback and make improvements to the script.
  4. June-July 2015: Script-writing
  5. August-November 2015: Rehearsals
  6. December 2015: Showcase


The first phase consists of researching on any materials that are related to the theme “relationship between a father and child”. The materials found ranges from past scripts to poems to photos to songs to personal writings, such as articles on fatherhood; local literary texts like “The Dragon Prince’s Letter to His Father” by Cyril Wong; academic papers on parenthood and the nature of a parent-child relationship; personal blogs and writings; and many more. From there, discussions were held and eventually, the group came out with questions that they will like to raise in the play, such as “who is my father?”, “what is the nature of this bond?”, “what does it mean to be blood-related?”, etc.

After streamlining the questions that the group would like to answer with the show, the second phase started with researching on materials that may help in exploring or investigating the questions raised, such as personal photographs of their childhood and family and interviews with their fathers.

During the devising phase, the focus was to explore the premise raised in the first two phases and to explore the form of the performance. The team started with improvisations around the premise of the script and then moved on to the form of performance and use of space.

The team worked, played and fought (intellectually, of course) to see through the birth of a draft of the script, which will eventually be read during the closed door script-read at Centre42’s Rehearsal Studio on 27 June 2015. Feedback will be taken after the read to help to improve the script for the final presentation in December 2015.


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