Citizens’ Reviews 2017: Frequently-Asked-Questions

1. Who is the Citizens’ Reviews programme for?
The programme is suitable for aspiring theatre critics who have some knowledge of the local theatre scene, possess an open and critical mind, and who are strong writers with the ability to clearly express his or her opinions with supporting evidence.

2. Who can apply for Citizens’ Reviews 2017?
Anyone who is a Singaporean Citizen, Permanent Resident or resident of Singapore.

3. Is there an age limit?

4. What can participants expect from the programme?
Selected candidates will be given tickets to shows of their choice by the Centre. They will then submit a review in either English or Chinese to the Centre for editing before it gets published on the Centre 42 website. As the programme is not designed as a course, there will be no lessons or workshops on critical writing. Reviewers will, however, have the opportunity to engage in dialogue sessions with fellow participants and the editors. The 2017 cycle will also see the introduction of a one-on-one clinic, where reviewers can get more personal feedback about their writing.

5. Who are the editors for Citizens’ Review?
Dr Robin Loon, the Centre’s resident dramaturg, will continue on as editor for English-language reviews, while renowned playwright-director Liu Xiaoyi will return as the editor for Chinese-language reviews.

6. Who determines the type of productions to be reviewed? And what are the criteria for the selection of productions for reviewing?
Centre 42 puts together a list of upcoming theatre productions for Citizen Reviewers to select from on a regular basis. In line with Centre 42’s objective of documenting and promoting local theatre, the primary criteria is that they have to be plays that are staged by Singaporean companies. These could range from original new works created, to adapted works produced by local arts organisations and collectives. The Centre will then purchase the tickets for the productions chosen by the reviewers.

7. What about non-Singapore Theatre productions? Can reviewers choose to write reviews of them for publication on Centre 42’s platform?
Occasionally, the Centre might recommend foreign productions and include those in the list for reviewers to consider as part of their personal enrichment and development. However, the Centre will not bear the cost of or purchase the tickets to these productions. The Centre will  accept written reviews of these recommended non-Singapore theatre productions for publication on Centre 42’s online platforms.

8. What about productions that are not on the list provided by Centre 42?
From time to time, Reviewers may come across productions that the Centre may not be aware of. Reviewers can write a request/recommendation to include these into the list for consideration, at least two weeks prior to event date. Do note that reviews of productions not in the Centre’s endorsed list will not be published on Centre 42’s online platforms.

9. When do reviews need to be submitted by?
Reviews should be submitted two to three days after the performance date.

10. Can the reviewer publish his/her written review – original or edited by Centre 42 – elsewhere?
No. All reviews of productions with tickets purchased under CR platform will be exclusively published at the Centre 42 website. Reviewers can, however, share the link of the published review on other platforms.

11. Each reviewer has a quota of 12 production reviews for the year. What kind of production/review count toward the quota?
All reviews of shows with tickets that were purchased under the CR platform will count towards the quota. Reviews of shows with tickets that weren’t purchased under the CR platform may be included under CR reviewers’ quota provided that they satisfy the CR requirement for productions that can be reviewed and published under CR and that they are exclusively published under the CR platform and not be published elsewhere

12. Can non-English or non-Chinese productions be reviewed?
Productions need not be performed in English or Chinese, but the reviews must be written in either English or Chinese. We encourage Reviewers to watch at least one non-English production during their term.

13. Can a production or theatre company offer its show(s) to be reviewed by this Citizens’ Reviews programme? Who do they approach?
Yes. Interested organisations can approach the Centre at to be included in our selection of productions to reviewers.

14. When will the 2017 Citizen Reviewers get to meet for the first time?
A caucus for reviewers from both the 2016 and 2017 cycles will be held at Centre 42 on the evening of Tuesday, 13 December. This will be an opportunity for reviewers, editors and the Centre 42 team to meet and share past experiences of the programme. More details will be sent out to successful applicants closer to the time.

If you have any further questions, please email