Christian W. Huber

Christian W. Huber

Christian W. Huber is one of the seven Citizen Reviewers selected from the 2017 Open Call application. He has been invited to continue on in the 2018 cycle.

Christian has been away from the theatre scene for over ten years as he focused his time in running and managing the family business of Boncafé International Pte Ltd – A Pioneering Gourmet Coffee Roasting and Manufacturing Company in Singapore. Christian stepped down from the company earlier this year to pursue his other interests and to spend time with his family of four. He continues to look after another family business, as well as to pursue his renewed interest in the arts.

Christian is a C42 Boiler Room 2016 playwright, and enjoys being an audience member to different mediums of the arts. He finds arts invigorating to the soul, and truly believes that the vibrant arts scene has come a long way from its humble beginnings. He looks forward to appreciating, experiencing, and exploring more of it as a Citizen Reviewer!


“I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For.”
FORKED by Jo Tan
Reviewed on 25 January 2018

“Some Enchanted Evening.”
ART STUDIO by Nine Years Theatre
Reviewed on 17 August 2017

“When the storytelling goes bad…. the result is decadence.”
ARMY DAZE 2 by Singapore Street Festival
Reviewed on 8 August 2017

“The play’s the thing”
FRAGO by Checkpoint Theatre
Reviewed on 13 July 2017

“What price glory”
HOPE (HARAP) by Teater Ekamatra
Reviewed on 8 April 2017

“Do. Or do not. There is no try.”
ITSY THE MUSICAL by The Finger Players
Reviewed on 31 March 2017

“Concentrate on the dog wagging his tail, not on that the tail might wag the dog.”
PETTY PEOPLE by NUS Theatre Studies Class of 2017
Reviewed on 29 March 2017

“Do not go gentle into that good night…”
WITH/OUT by Loo Zihan
Reviewed on 23 March 2017

“More doll playing needed.”
THE FEARFUL KING by Paper Monkey Theatre
Reviewed on 10 March 2017

“Rivetting 2017 Season Opener engages with dark stories!”
THE PILLOWMAN by Pangdemonium
Reviewed on 7 March 2017

“Light, entertaining children’s fare brings clear message that ‘there’s no place like home.'”
A PETER RABBIT TALE by The Little Company
Reviewed on 1 March 2017

“Enduring Prism’s lamenting angry lecture on urban change.”
PRISM by Toy Factory
Reviewed on 23 February 2017