The Reviewers

Citizen Reviewers are a selected group of theatre enthusiasts participating and contributing to this programme. The 12-month programme will see them through an equipping process to help them generate informed observations about the productions they have watched, in the form of theatre reviews. The framework ensures that opinions and responses generated are underscored by some basic rigour in terms of foreknowledge and experience. It should not be a naïve barometer of likes and dislikes, but strive to be an insightful and discerning collection of views and reflections.
In 2014, we embarked on a pilot iteration of this programme with four contributing reviewers who had gone through a National University of Singapore (NUS) module on theatre criticism and thus have been sufficiently trained in the art and the voice of writing arts reviews. They commenced on this journey with us since July 2014 and have been invited to continue their tenure into the 2015 cycle.
We are pleased to welcome on board 13 Citizen Reviewers for 2017 (1 January to 31 December 2017). These voices have been selected through an Open Call held in October 2016. The 2017 cycle comprises a mix of English and Chinese reviewers.
Isaac Tan

Isaac Tan

Citizen Reviewer 2018 & 2017, Associate Editor (English) 2016, Citizen Reviewer 2015 & Contributing Reviewer in the 2014 Pilot Cycle