This section of Citizens’ Reviews is a growing pool of guides, tips, articles, audio and video resources that provides basic knowledge and insights about critical writing.
Here’s a snapshot of some of the sites that are actively contributing reviews, commentaries, and opinion pieces about the Singapore art scene. This listing serves as additional sources for your reference:

This list is by no means exhaustive. Email us at if you have suggestions to grow this pool of resources.

Corrie Tan on Reviewing Theatre

In this series of six audio clips, Dr. Robin Loon interviews theatre critic Corrie Tan about critical writing for the stage. Corrie Tan was a former Straits Times journalist who reviewed theatre for six years at the paper. She also blogs about…
剧评写作讲座 Writing Theatre Reviews, by Liu Xiaoyi

剧评写作讲座 Writing Theatre Reviews, by Liu Xiaoyi

Citizens’ Reviews 2016 Chinese Editor Liu Xiaoyi conducted a series of 4 introductory seminars on “Writing Theatre Reviews”. Glean some insights about the craft of writing reviews and pick up practical tips from Xiaoyi in these topical areas: Seminar 1 | 观看 Watching…
Reviewing Rituals

Reviewing Rituals

Citizen Reviewers from the Centre’s pilot programme (2014) share how they go about writing their theatre reviews. Glean some tips from these young writers, and learn the various styles they adopt after a year of being on the pilot cycle…

Reviewing theatre with Clarissa Oon

In this series of audio interviews, Clarissa Oon speaks about the ins and outs of reviewing theatre in relation to the performing arts scene in Singapore. Hear about the challenges of being a critical observer and pick up quick tips…