Asian Dramaturgs’ Network Symposium 2016

The Asian Dramaturgs’ Network (ADN) is a new platform created in 2016 that aims to map and connect the region’s dramaturgical expertise, knowledge and practices. The ADN is borne out of a need to: connect with dramaturgs and practitioners concerned with the field of dramaturgy in the region; search for like-minded individuals and interested parties regarding dramaturgy; dialogue and debate on dramaturgy, dramaturging and the role(s) of the dramaturg.

To mark the launch of ADN, a two-day symposium titled “Mapping Out, In and Aboutwill be held on 23 and 24 April 2016. The event features the inaugural gathering of more than 15 Asian-based dramaturgs from Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, China, Japan, Philippines, Korea and Australia. ADN speakers will present different perspectives on dramaturgy, dramaturging and the dramaturg within performance-making through a series of public talks and closed-door dialogues.

Centre 42 is proud to be the main organising partner for this new Asian Dramaturgs’ Network. Aligned with our mission of being an organisational intermediary to budding writers and artists, the fronting of the ADN is another instance of the centre’s support in the creation of new works and new opportunities. The centre provides the physical environment, supports the creative impetus, and encourages the intellectual rigour that it believes is the ideal approach to creating new and novel works in writing and performance.

More recently in 2015, the centre initiated the Apprentice Dramaturg Programme aimed at young artists and fresh theatre-based graduates looking to be trained as dramaturges, or existing practitioners looking to develop and diversify their skill sets.This programme hopes to fill a gap in the current dramaturgical practices in Singapore by providing common grounding on basic tools and practices in dramaturgy. While the pilot iteration is in its infancy and allows for only a handful of Apprentice Dramaturgs for each cycle, we are positive that the organisation and launch of the Asian Dramaturgs’ Network in Singapore will benefit the larger performance-making scene here and give rise to the discussion of Dramaturgy. The centre’s support to the ADN foregrounds our commitment to advancing and professionalising the dramaturgical cause. Dr Robin Loon, Centre 42’s Chief Consultant and Resident Dramaturg


Mapping Out, In and About” marks the Centre’s first collaboration with Esplanade, bringing together two arts centres dedicated to supporting the development of the arts in Singapore and beyond. Through this, we aim to raise the awareness and the profile of the field of dramaturgy in contemporary performance-making in Singapore.


Event Details

Day 1: 23 April 2016
Centre 42

2.00pm | Talking Dramaturgy & the Dramaturg: Looking for an Asian Context?

4.00pm | Dramaturgy in Action I: Practical Realities

Day 2: 24 April 2016
Esplanade Theatre Studio

11.30am | Dramaturgy in Action II: Collaboration

2.00pm | Dramaturgy in Action III: The Performance-Maker & the Dramaturg

3.50pm | Education, Pedagogy, Dramaturgy

Admission to the above talks are FREE.
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