Alex Foo

Alex Foo is one of the 14 Citizen Reviewers selected from the 2016 Open Call application.

Alex Foo is currently in the Great Intermission between the two acts of his life, otherwise known as National Service. He is all mirth and no matter, sometimes the innocent flower and oftentimes the serpent underneath. He has tried a bit of acting, a bit of directing and right now, a bit of reviewing.


“The Eye of the Beholder”
ART by Singapore Repertory Theatre
Reviewed on 5 September 2016

“The Last Temptation of Stony – Sleeping Naked aims for the heavens but crashes into the sea”
SLEEPING NAKED by In Source Theatre
Reviewed on 3 September 2016

“Being and Nothingness”
CAFE by Joel Tan
Reviewed on 18 June 2016

“Afresh, Afresh, Afresh”
TREES, A CROWD by Irfan Kasban
Reviewed on 11 June 2016

“The More Loving One”
FALLING by Pangdemonium
Reviewed on 28 May 2016

“A Triumphant Revival of a Chinese Classic”
LIAO ZHAI ROCKS! by The Theatre Practice
Reviewed on 31 March 2016

“The Mother We Share”
RECALLING MOTHER by Checkpoint Theatre
Reviewed on 25 March 2016