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C42 Team 2016

The Centre 42 Team. [Front Row L-R] Ma Yanling, Andy Tan, Gwen Pew [Back Row L-R] Daniel Teo, Robin Loon, Michele Lim, Casey Lim, Chiu Chien Seen

Centre 42 is managed by a lean management team and advised by a Board of Directors and a Principal Consultant.



Casey Lim
Executive Director

His involvement with the centre began as part of the quartet behind the TAFY collective (Two-And-Fifty-Years) which was appointed as NAC’s programme partner for the Centre. His decision to head the centre as its executive director is a testimony of his commitment to the arts in Singapore. Read more…

Ma Yanling
Company Manager

Yanling grew up immersed in performing arts as a hobby, and things took a serious turn towards arts management when she joined the Singapore Arts Festival team 2010-2012. Armed with a marketing degree from the National University of Singapore, several years of experience in the local advertising and creative industry, and some on-stage time as a performer, she hopes to make good her skills in promoting local arts. She is excited by the depth of Singapore theatre history, and believes that Centre 42 will provide the space, physically and figuratively, for new work creation.

Daniel Teo
Research & Documentation Executive

Daniel has always had a keen interest in the performing arts, although up till now he has only been an enthusiastic spectator. He joins Centre 42 fresh from the graduate research programme at the Communications and New Media department, National University of Singapore, where he specialised in social change research. Daniel believes in working towards social betterment and he is excited to see how Centre 42’s programmes and outreach will positively influence the theatre industry, the arts, and Singapore society as a whole.

Gwen Pew
Programmes & Communications Executive

Gwen first started writing about the performing arts when she was studying at the University of Leeds in the UK, where she spent most of her spare time reviewing shows around the region for various publications. She moved to Singapore in 2012 and joined Time Out magazine as the arts editor, which gave her the chance to become acquainted – and then fall in love – with the theatre scene here. She believes that Centre 42 plays a vital role in that field, and is thrilled to be able to continue contributing to the development of the local stage as part of the team.


Robin Loon
Documentation, Dramaturgy & Discourse
Founding Board Member

Robin is eager to bring professional play-writing training back to Singapore and help support new writers and works. Read more…



Casey Lim
Executive Director &
Founding Board Member

Casey is looking forward to working with, talking and listening to artists and practitioners in Singapore and beyond. Read more…

Chiu Chien Seen
Founding Board Member

Chien Seen is excited by the prospects of Centre 42 becoming a vital intermediary agency for artists, citizens and anyone who wants to participate in the wonder that is the arts.  Read more…

Michele Lim
Founding Board Member

Michele’s charge of Centre 42 is driven by her wish that her students and their children will have a place to go where they can find out about Singapore through its art and the arts. Read more…

Andy Tan
Board Member

Andy believes that Centre 42 must anchor the next wave of theatre stalwarts. Read more…

The four founding board members form the original collective named TAFY (Two-And-Fifty-Years). Appointed in May 2013 as the National Arts Council’s programme partner for the Centre, TAFY aspires to review, consolidate, acknowledge, celebrate and contemplate the rich and diverse heritage and legacy of Singapore English Language Theatre.