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  • Open Call for 2017 Citizen Reviewers

    Open Call for 2017 Citizen Reviewers

    Join our 2017 Citizens' Reviews programme if you enjoy going to the theatre and penning your observations and opinions in the form of reviews | Application period : 12 October to 6 November 2016 |
  • Video – The Vault: Leng-Geh-Mng

    Video – The Vault: Leng-Geh-Mng

    The Vault: Leng-Geh-Mng  龍牙門 was presented in the company of an audience on 16 July 2016. Leng-Geh-Mng (“Dragon’s Tooth Gate”) is a comedy which spoofs the conventions of pugilistic films set in ancient China. This play was written by playwrights Lee Shyh Jih and Lim Poh Poh and was first staged in 1998.…
  • Documentation – The Vault: Distilling the Dance

    Documentation – The Vault: Distilling the Dance

    The Vault: Distilling the Dance was presented from 2-6 July 2016. Distilling the Dance was a multi-format presentation seeking to present dance beyond the frame of performance. Singapore-based independent interdisciplinary artist Kiran Kumar created four configurations of movement, text and image: an essay-performance, an audio-installation, an exhibition and a workshop. He has also written…